Video Editing Best Practices - TikTok and YouTube Shorts

Learn to edit TikTok videos and Youtube Shorts like a pro. You will explore all the best practices so that you produce more quality content faster than ever.

Before you go through this system, make sure you explore Managing Creative Team Workflow Graphics & Video Editing, Facebook Ads Copy Library, and Video Ad Scripts & Storyboarding.

Next, we recommend you also learn Best Practices for Creating And Designing Images for Social Media Ads and How To Use Creative Team Job Tracking Sheet.
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About the System

Learn how to effectively manage the editing pipeline and learn the techniques and methodology for creating TikTok and YouTube short-form videos efficiently on a tight deadline.

Creating Your Template

Creating a template saves you time. We'll share some key elements for an effective template.

Add Text & Animate It

Discover the BEST way of adding your text manually and instinctively. We will also reveal the OPTIMAL methods when animating your text.

Additional Graphics

You will discover common practices when incorporating graphics and learn how graphics can add value to your video.

System Module

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