Video Ad Scripts and Storyboarding

Start filming video content in an efficient, smart modular way - never get stuck ever again.

It’s perfect for the content team to visualize and work together on scripts and graphics.

It’s also ideal for film producers who need a clear and easy-to follow brief.

To create high-converting video ad scripts, make sure you watch the Deep Dive Customer Research, Narratives & Angle and Headlines & Hooks Building systems first.

Now it’s time to learn how to film video content in an efficient, smart modular way - never get stuck again.

Next, learn to craft compelling, click-worthy ads easily with the Facebook Ads Copy Library system.
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About the System

The Video Scripts & Storyboarding system allows you to interchange scenes as you please and find the winning video components.

Complete Formula

Find out the perfect video creation formula that attracts new buyers, makes old ones come back for more, and boosts your videos' virality factor tenfold.

Creative Element Map

Make it easy as 1-2-3 for everyone involved to create each part of the video with our content creation map that splits the descriptive elements into logical pieces.

Learn Context

By using this system, you'll automatically master the art of creating context for the whole team so that the filming, editing, and creations processes go smoothly.

System Modules

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