Managing Creative Team Workflow Graphics & Video Editing

You will lean how to manage the creative team through prioritizing workloads. Get started with the project brief and end with the approved final output.

Before you go through this system, make sure you explore Branding Guide, Basic Google Drive Structure For Team Collaboration, Conducting Team Meetings, and OKRs & Goal Setting.

Next, we recommend you also learn How To Use Creative Team Job Tracking Sheet, Video Ad Scripts & Storyboarding, Best Practices for Creating And Designing Images for Social Media Ads, and Facebook Ads Copy Library.
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About the System

This system is for anyone in charge of handling a project or has a lead role in collaborating with the creative team.
You will learn how to strategize and plan for every task given to your creative team.

Explore the Project Task Brief

This is your starting point so it's important to do it well. Get your team together to discuss and share information about the project or campaign.

Brainstorming & Delegating Tasks

Brainstorming is one of the most creative ways to problem-solve. Learn to use it and delegate tasks depending on the strengths and weaknesses of each team member.

Keep Up With Your Team's Tasks' Status

Learn how you can stay updated with everyone's task status at all times and eliminate any roadblocks that might come up. 

System Modules

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