Best Practices for Creating and Designing Images for Social Media Ads

Explore best practices on how to create and design social media ads based on the brief and platform where the ads will be placed.

Before you go through this system, make sure you explore Managing Creative Team Workflow Graphics & Video Editing, Facebook Ads Copy Library, and Video Ad Scripts & Storyboarding.

Next, we recommend you also learn Video Editing Best Practices - TikTok and YouTube Shorts and How To Use Creative Team Job Tracking Sheet.
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About the System

Learn about ad safezone and other specifications relevant to each social media platform. Explore best practices on how to create ads that are properly branded, engaging and targeted which will make the creative process more effective and efficient.

Get the Project Brief 

Learn what's important to follow once you receive the product brief and how to overcome challenges from the start.

Best Practices

Explore best practices so that you're ready to work more productively than ever.

Final Revisions

Discover what needs to be done before the final revisions and ensure a smooth feedback process.

System Modules

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