Deep Dive Customer Research, Narratives & Angles

This system provides tremendous value to any marketing team member who wants to better understand their audience.

You can use this system whenever you need to create compelling copy, services, and offers that attract the audience.

It transforms engagement from a traditional sales approach into a narrative that resonates with your customer’s journey.

Systems that go hand in hand with Deep Dive Customer Research, Narratives & Angles are Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Survey FunnelDigital Service Brief, and Physical Product Brief.

After you finished with this system, leverage your knowledge with Unlimited Copy BankHow to Write Storytorials, and Facebook Ads Copy Library.
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About the System

This system teaches you how to build awe-inspiring character journeys for multiple segments of your target audience so you can create some of the most compelling promotional materials possible.

Character Journey

Learn how to map out your customer's transformation journey and gain deep insight into their mindset, habits, desires, and thought processes.

Customer Avatar

Figure out who your customers are and create a comprehensive data driven profile so you can easily map out an efficient marketing strategy that will turn them into fans.

Consumption Matrix

Understand how and why the customers will use your product to better map out an action plan and showcase its ease of use and other benefits.

System Modules

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