Talking and Negotiating with Suppliers in China

Learn everything you need to know to negotiate from a strong position with Chinese suppliers or manufacturers and take control of your product.

This system helps you understand how people think in China and how to form strong business relationships while building your brand.
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About the System

This system is perfect for anyone interested in taking control of their product instead of relying on shady trading agencies or unreliable manufacturers or suppliers.

Trading Company vs Manufacturer

Learn to tell the difference between the two. This will help you negotiate better prices and delivery timelines, giving you more flexibility with product adjustments.

Be Culturally Aware

Doing business in the Western world is not the same as doing business in China. That's why it's extremely important to understand Chinese culture. We'll give you some tips.

Negotiate the “Right” Way

Business negotiation is an art - it’s no different with Chinese suppliers. You will learn how to negotiate samples and mass production prices, the right way.

System Modules

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